Unique Engagement Session

As you plan your engagement session, you’re sure of a few things. You want your session to be fun, full of your personality, and totally unique. Today, I want to share a unique engagement session I put together on a rooftop in Knoxville. You can find links to her outfit and the cake artist at the end of this blog post!

For this unique engagement shoot, the vibe I wanted to create was flirty, carefree, and fun. I think one of the best parts about being in love is being able to enjoy the little moments in life. Everyday we carry so much on our shoulders – meetings, deadlines, bills, chores. The list of responsibilities is endless. When you find the one, suddenly the mundane becomes a lifetime of hanging out with your best friend. All at once, life is filled with more joy than stress. This is what I wanted to capture through this unique engagement session, a love so joyful it’s able to throw its cares away and embrace the carefree side of life. Even if that’s “just” sitting on a rooftop enjoying some cake.

Instead of bringing champagne to your engagement session, why not a cute heart shaped cake instead? This cake was exactly what we needed to make this engagement session supper cute and totally unique.

What made this engagement session unique?

For many couples, the go to prop is a champagne bottle to pop during their engagement session. To change it up and make this a unique session, we decided to smash into a cake instead. If you think this sounds crazy, let the photos speak for themselves. It’s a vibe and I’m here for it!

After the session, I couldn’t help but think of the quote from The Notebook, when Allie looks at her parents and says, “You don’t laugh. You don’t touch. You don’t play. You don’t know anything about love.” Let this session be a reminder to every single one of us to find joy in the little moments of life. Get away from screens and social media. Take time each day to enjoy each other, laughing together and being flirty. You’re never too old to lose that spa. Love is a verb and it’s a playful one at that.

Hey, I’m Chelbe!

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Special thanks to Dalliance Gown Rentals for the jumpsuit and Art of Cakes Bakery for creating this super cute cake for us!



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